Hey Queens and Kings! 

I am so happy that you have joined me, and no, the greeting is not cliche. At The Hive, we intentionally acknowledge individuals as the royalty we all are.  I decided to create this blog as a platform for survivors such as myself to inform, encourage, and inspire fellow survivors, non-profit leaders, as well as the general community. In my work, I am often asked questions that are relevant and important and require an informed response, but don't necessarily require in-person training. I also often find it necessary to show up authentically in every area of my life and when in the many spaces I share with others. This can be challenging in my role, so blogging provides me the opportunity to share in a transparent, vulnerable, and intimate way. 

This space will be used to answer questions such as, how do I talk to my child about personal touch and boundaries?, when will I know that I am ready to date again?, what age is appropriate for my child to spend the night at a friend/family member house?, is there such a thing as work-life, balance?, and for the professionals, an inside laugh at answering the question, "so what do you do?", and when we respond.....silence 😆.

The topics and conversations we will have in Queens Corner will be limitless. You will hear from guest contributors;there will be times we cry together, times that we laugh, times that we unite for a greater good. Queens Corner is just another community within The Hive for individuals such as yourself to gather in a space that is welcoming, safe, and affirming. So grab a glass of wine or your preferred beverage, recline your chair, turn on your do not disturb (I promise I won't tell) ,and subscribe for a whole lot of honey!

Yours Truly,

Queen Ash


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