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APPEALED......NOT GUILTY I've been appealing this death sentence branded with my identity from the moment I exited my mother's womb, and truth be told I'M TIRED. You see, growing up in the rural south I've been defending my Blackness since I was 6 years old, as I vividly remember my sister getting into a physical altercation in my defense when a white girl in high school  called me a nigger and spat on me. So I decided I would appeal this sentencing of rejection by working hard, always giving more than my best, overcompensating with achievements so that this death sentence of guilty by identity would be dismissed. I skipped the 11th grade, known as most likely to succeed, was a first-generation graduate not only of my home but out of 21+ grandchildren, was the first MSW graduate student to sit on the Steering Committee for the UW School of Social Work, married at 24, owned the first home at 25, mother by 26, started a non-profit at 30 yet none of it was good en

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